New dataset: “Research by Stanisław Ossowski’s team on Jakub Szela in the Jasło area”

A new dataset entitled “Research by Stanisław Ossowski’s team on Jakub Szela in the Jasło area” has been published in the QDA. The dataset consists of materials from research conducted in 1950 by Stanisław Ossowski’s team in the vicinity of Jasło in the Podkarpacie region, on the territory of former Galicia, where Jakub Szela, the leader of the Peasant Revolt of 1846, was born. The study dealt with the memory of the Peasant Revolt, as well as issues related to the past of the localities under study, their social structure, political life, experiences from the times before World War II, during the war, and the first post-war years.

The team did not manage to publish the results of their research because shortly after the materials were collected, the communist authorities removed sociology from the University of Warsaw (and from academic institutions) and banned Ossowski from teaching.

The materials included in the dataset have been preserved in the archives of the former Section of Sociology, which was once headed by Ossowski (currently, it is the Section of Methodology and Sociological Theory at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Warsaw). They have been digitized thanks to Professor Antoni Sułek, who stored them and enabled their archiving in the Qualitative Data Archive.