Oral History Seminar: Interview form the Project ‘Oral History of the LGBT+ Community in Poland’

Participants in the seminar, held at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences on December 20, 2023, analyzed an interview from the project “Oral history of the LGBT+ community in Poland,” which was conducted by the Lambda Warsaw Association in cooperation with the History Meeting House. The interview was conducted and presented by Adrianna Kapała, a historian, archivist, and PhD student at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She is also the coordinator of training and education at the Centre of Community Archives.

The Oral History Seminars are co-organized by the Faculty of Culture and Arts at the University of Warsaw, the Qualitative Data Archive at IFiS PAN, and the Polish Oral History Association. The initiative is under the patronage of the “Wrocławski Rocznik Historii Mówionej (Wrocław Yearbook of Oral History)”.

If you would like to participate in future meetings or receive more information, please contact us: seminariumoralhistory@gmail.com.

New Dataset: ‘Resettlement in the Revitalization of Polish Cities: Individual In-depth Interviews with Tenants from Łódź, Warsaw and Wałbrzych’

A first version of a dataset titled ‘Resettlement in the Revitalization of Polish Cities: Individual In-depth Interviews with Tenants from Łódź, Warsaw, and Wałbrzych,’ authored by Dr. Barbara Audycka, has been published in the QDA.

The provided data are the result of a research conducted on revitalization-related resettlements in Polish cities. The research aimed to: (1) analyze the practical organization of relocations by local authorities, (2) gather information on opinions, attitudes, and actions of relocated tenants within the municipal housing stock. The study involved tenants residing in buildings within revitalization areas earmarked for major renovations requiring the residents to move out.

The research was funded by the National Science Centre, Poland (under the Miniatura grant), and the University of Warsaw (IDUB program).

The current version of the dataset contains interview transcripts from Warsaw and Łódź, as well as contextual materials. Transcripts from Wałbrzych will be included in the next version of the dataset.

Workshop within the Data Steward Programme at the University of Silesia

On December 4, 2023, Maciej Melon from the Quality Data Archive team led a workshop at the University of Silesia in Katowice for people who want to become data stewards in several departments at the University. The meeting consisted of three parts – a presentation of a typical data management plan, a discussion of data steward tasks from the practical side, and a commentary on the support tools developed at the University for researchers carrying out projects where research data is managed.