Welcome to the Qualitative Data Archive of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (QDA), the oldest Polish digital archive gathering, processing and sharing materials (research data) collected in social qualitative research.

The archive combines the tasks of a repository acting for the purpose of opening the resources of science and a traditional (although digital) archive which protects the heritage of social sciences. The QDA team also undertakes academic activity in the spirit of research re-visits and reanalysis of already existing data.

For researchers who are conducting their own projects or working on grant proposals, QDA provides a place where they can deposit and share obtained data to meet the requirements of many funding providers. You can also access other researchers’ data and use it in your own work – for comparisons, additions, or re-analyses.

For those teaching social science methodology courses, for example, QDA provides access to data from completed research projects. In most cases, the research materials are accompanied by additional methodological documentation, making it possible to conduct problem-based research seminars.

For social science students, QDA’s resources can serve as an inspiration for their own research projects or theses.

For those interested, QDA offers an opportunity to learn about the tradition of qualitative sociological research. Among the resources available in the Archive are those from the classic studies of Polish sociology by Józef Obrębski, Stanisław Ossowski, and Elżbieta Tarkowska.

In QDA we apply FAIR principles, which means that data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Each resource available in QDA is described with standardized metadata and a permanent digital identifier (DOI), which makes it possible to cite the resource in the same way you would cite a scientific publication.