13th Conference of the European Sociological Association – referat oparty na materiałach ADJ

Podczas 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association "(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities" (Ateny, 29.08-01.09.2017), Danuta Życzyńska-Ciołek wygłosiła referat zatytułowany "Looking Back from Today's Perspective: Older Generation on Social Changes in Poland". Referat oparty był na materiałach udostępnionych w Archiwum Danych Jakościowych. Jego podstawę stanowiły kolekcje "Od badania próby losowej do badania konkretnych losów. Wywiady biograficzne z respondentami POLPANu" oraz "Od respondenta do narratora – wywiady biograficzne z uczestnikami Polskiego Badania Panelowego POLPAN".

Abstrakt wystąpienia:

In 1988, before major political, economic and social changes in Poland, researchers from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN) initiated a panel study of social structure that continues until today. In the years 2014-2016, on the basis of the method developed by Fritz Schütze, we conducted 44 biographical interviews with POLPAN respondents aged 71 or more. The interviews are available in the Archive of Qualitative Data at IFiS PAN.

Apart from being a rich and valuable source of knowledge on individual experiences and choices of POLPAN respondents, related to their position in social structure (e.g. career paths) the biographical interviews contained sharp insights and deep perceptions regarding social changes in Poland. Aged participants of the biographical study compared the years before the transformation – when they were young or in their middle years – with the life they and their (grand)children led at the time of the interview. In my paper I use thematic analysis to extract and present the most distinct and meaningful topics – comparisons of „yesterday” and „today” – that have been expresed by POLPAN repondents. In addition, based on quantitative data, I present essential findings concerning the way aged Poles perceive the past.