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Biography and Memory (Kaja Kaźmierska’s research from 2003–2004)

The collection consists of 19 interviews with Jews who survived the Holocaust during World War II. In transcripts, all names mentioned during the interviews, as well as the names of the interviewees themselves have been either anonymised or replaced by pseudonyms. All recordings were taken in 2003–2004 and contain narratives.
The interviewees talk primarily about their experience during the war as well as after it ended. One important element linking all interviews is the theme of a journey: wandering during the war, leaving for Israel later, but also returning to Poland, and related experiences. Many interviewees also talk about passing their own stories on to the younger generations.

The interviews were conducted by Kaja Kaźmierska, extraordinary professor at the University of Łódź, as part of her preparations for the habilitation procedure. Interview transcription was financed from the statutory funds of the Department of Sociology of Culture at the University of Łódź. The original collection comprised 20 interviews, but one has not survived.

After fulfilling standard conditions, users of the Qualitative Data Archive can gain access to interview transcripts. Access to the recordings is possible with the consent of Prof. Kaja Kaźmierska (if interested, please send an e-mail to: adj@ifispan.waw.pl).