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National Culture Canon of the New Political Elite (Joanna Kurczewska’s research from 1994–1995)

The collection contains materials from research work conducted in late 1994 and early 1995 under the project entitled “The national culture canon of the new political elite”. The project was carried out from 19 June 1992 to 31 May 1995. The collection consists of 42 transcripts of individual interviews with parliamentarians: leaders of political parties represented in the parliament, spokespersons and representatives of these parties in the Culture and Media Committee of the Polish Parliament (Seym) of the 1st term as well as leaders of selected non-parliamentary national groupings. In addition to research materials and interviews, the collection includes an interview guide and an abridged final report on project implementation prepared in 1995.

The aim of the project was to reconstruct the essential models of national culture among the new political elite in the context of the political transformations of the time, as well as to assess the adequacy of the theoretical concepts of national culture and the cultural canon applied in the project. The project was an attempt to provide a theoretical and empirical answer to the question of how, in the 1990s, the special characteristics of the Polish political elite (influenced by individual and collective biographies, the distinctiveness of the experience of living in communist Poland) determined the content and forms of public messages concerning national culture, their legitimising and integrating functions, as well as the type and scope of their modification.

Given the requirement to protect the interviewees’ personal data, only anonymised transcripts of interviews (scanned typewritten texts) are available. For the same reasons, the names of the interlocutors’ political parties or parts of the parties’ names have been removed from some of the file symbols.