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Lifestyles in Polish Cities (Andrzej Siciński’s research from 1976–1980)

The collection entitled ‘Lifestyles in Polish Cities 1976–1980’ gathers digitised materials collected in 1976–1980 by the Lifestyle Research Group at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the Polish Academy of Sciences, working under the supervision of Professor Andrzej Siciński. The archived studies were conducted in four locations: Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Lubin and Dobre Miasto. In each location, the study covered 5 to 25 families, reaching a total of over seventy families. Researchers made repeated visits to the studied families, gathering rich ethnographic and sociological material.

The collection has been divided into folders corresponding to each family. The set of research materials relating to one family consists of the so-called information about the family, the demographic information, the curriculum vitae (based on statements made by selected family members), a supplementary CV, researcher’s diary and the so-called interpreted description. In many cases, these materials are supplemented with photographs of family members, their memorabilia, the interiors of their homes and sometimes also of the neighbourhood where the respondents lived. There are also some press clippings and private documents. For some families, audio recordings of the interviews have been preserved and they are also made available as part of the collection.