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Qualitative Data Archive at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The Qualitative Data Archive at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish abbreviation: ADJ) gathers, digitises and makes available in electronic format research data within the broad field of social sciences. Such materials are often subject to being scattered, destroyed or lost. Hence, it is among the most important tasks of the Archive to prevent the loss whenever possible, and to promote such research activities as:

  • using already existing materials in new analytical contexts (secondary analysis of data),
  • returning to previously studied places and persons in order to ask both old and new questions, as well as to apply new research tools (so-called ethnographic revisits),
  • undertaking a historical-methodological reflection (whereby attention is directed towards research tools, methods of gathering data, strategies for work in the field and the selection of cases) that might provide significant insight into the history and evolution of the method as well as the discipline itself, in addition to inspiring new research activities (so-called methodological revisits),
  • studying the longevity and inter-generational transmission of researcher’s skills and tools, as well as modifications and major changes thereof,
  • providing insight into original empirical data which could prove helpful in academic teaching.

The ADJ gathers digitised research materials such as: interview transcriptions, audio recordings, photos, field notes, first drafts of studies, and research tools (e.g. questionnaires, respondents’ particulars, research guidelines and procedures). Some collections contain interviews with researchers themselves – projects’ authors or research team members, as well as materials from methodological revisits. Most of the materials are in Polish.

The Archive collects data from historical qualitative research that has proved to be important for Polish sociology and anthropology, as well as contemporary collections. 

The materials collected in the ADJ are available online, for research purposes. Since some collections contain sensitive personal information, users must agree not to copy the materials they receive or give them to other persons or institutions. Users are also asked to keep the personal data contained in the files secret. Using the Archive is free. Gaining access to selected collections requires registration on our website and signing a detailed terms of use agreement.

In the years 2012–2018 the Archive was financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (National Program for the Development of Humanities, grant number 0027/NPRH2/H11/81/2012). Currently it is financed by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Contact us:

Qualitative Data Archive
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology
Polish Academy of Sciences
72 Nowy Swiat, Room 239
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e-mail: adj@ifispan.edu.pl